What Expectation For Stock Market In Short Term?

Stock almost remained stable in March. In April, Vietnam stock began with a session but dropped slightly.
That market has fluctuated with small amplitude and low liquidity in recent times shows  many investors believe this is the bottom of the market occurring when the price of stocks are low and sellers no longer want to sell at lower price  again. On a technical analysis perspective, the market tends to accumulate and hardly have the probability of a low decrease.  However, it is unlikely for the possibility of  finance short term breakthroughs in index  since demand is low due to certain market trouble.
Gasoline increase has great impact on inflation and manufacturing situation of  some profession. This increase will make CPI of April go up to 0.4% and CPI of whole month reach 1% more. In the future, it is hard for gasoline price to go down since if global price increases, then as “market mechanism”, domestic price will go high as well. In contrast, if global price falls, export tax for gasoline can recover. Since, in the recent time, export price is 0% and 40% for maximum, gasoline decrease for retail is impossible
Worry for inflation causes State Bank to continue tightening monetary policy in the context of  having  liquidity stress in banking system, when previously, on 03/08/2011, State Bank has raised discount rate from 7% to 12%.  On 03/31/2011, State Bank issued Decision No. 692/QD-NHNN, under which interest rates for refinancing and overnight loans to commercial banks increasing to 13%. With three times increase in two months, the refinancing interest rate today only 2% less than their peak of 15% in May 6 / 2008. Banks strained with the race to raise interest rates for short term and no term limitation up to the ceiling. There is information showing that real interest rates of some banks have been up to 17-18% per year due to the implicit cost of capital raising when the monetary policy is tightened.
Furthermore, after a strong move to adjust exchange rates to over 9%, and a strong reduction on foreign trade showed that investors are worried because of the instability of macroeconomic policies. With the major contribution to the demand when they bought in 2010 and early 2011, a decline in activities of foreign investment will affect the market
Thus, the most positive point in recent time is investors today have not "interest" in the sale of stocks due to the deep fall and in the low price. The bottom signal appearance will draw investors to make bottom surfing or investors in capital would consider the capital increase to hold base shares.  But with strong moves in the promulgation of macroeconomic policies to curb inflation by the government, it is forecasted that the stock market will continue to stay “unstable" and walked accumulation process can be extended to few months.
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How to Send SIS files and JAR files on Nokia S60

When we have a neat or interesting program in our mobile phone, our friends ask us to share or send the program. Even if we have the installer (SIS or JAR) files, everytime we try to send the program via Bluetooth there is an pop-up error message, "Unable to send protected object". Fortunately there is an amazing person who can overcome this problem. Both SIS and JAR files can be sent by Bluetooth without renaming the files.
Quick method
For those who do not need step-by-step instructions, how to send SIS (or SISX) and JAR files:
  1. Download and install Y-Browser
  2. Download and install BT Obex Sender
  3. Select the file to send, click Options and choose File → Send → BT Obex
Step-by-step instructions
Download the freeware file manager program Y-Browser at least version 0.88. The homepage is here, but the installer file is also available here. To send Symbian installer files (SIS) and Java archive files (JAR) via Bluetooth, you will also need a plugin called BTObex Sender. The plugin can be downloaded here.
Install the above two files on your phone. There are many ways to install, the easiest one is using PC Suite if your phone is already connected, or by sending the files using Bluetooth on your computer. Depending on the phone, infra-red may also be possible, as well as transferring directly from internet at your phone (Type the address and in your phone).
After installing both of the files, open the Applications menu on your phone, go to a new folder called Dr.Jukka. There you will find Y-Browser icon. Run it.
Select the file you want to send. Then, click the Options soft-key, select File and then Send.
You will see this menu. Select BT Obex. Then you can select the recipient and they will receive any file you want to send!
The below list is only to help people searching using different terms.
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  • Sending installer files in Nokia version 9 Operating System
  • Distribute Java midlet and Symbian installer system files
  • Send protected object from Symbian v9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5
  • Jar file sending in Symbian 9, v9.1, v9.2, v9.3, v9.5
  • Transfer SIS and JAR files to other phones

Could these be things that you never thought before?

1. If you are not currently using Windows XP, just skip to the next number. If you spend a lot of time doing nothing on your computer, probably you need to skip this also. Do you know what "System Restore" is? If you do, please skip to the next number. You can actually increase your harddisk free space easily. Last time I do this on my supervisor's computer, the free space increases by 3 GB. How to do it: (See your current free disk space.) Go to the Control Panel. Open the System icon. Click the System Restore tab. Tick the Turn off System Restore on all drives. Then your computer will scare you by giving a Yes/No question. Just click Yes and see how much your harddisk free space has increased...

2. If you have graduated from junior high school, you should know the Black theory that states that the heat taken is the same as heat released. And many people that have grown-up strive to lessen their body weight. That is by as much as possible getting the energy out of the body (sports etc), and as little as possible taking the energy into the body (food etc). But have you ever thought, why don't you just drink cold water? Doesn't your body release energy to heat the water to make the water's temperature the same as your body's temperature? For example if we drink 2 litres of water from the refrigerator (5°C) and the body's temperature is 37°C. So the energy we release to heat the water:
m c Δt = (2 kg) (1 kcal / kg) (37 - 5) = 64 kilo calories
That is approximately equal to 22-minutes walking or 8-minutes running. That's not bad, right?

3. Most likely you have tried to pack things into a plastic bag and tie it, but had difficulties opening the tie in other occasions. This is how you can tie it so that you can open the tie easily! But there is one condition, that you must have plastic remaining long enough because you will need one more bend on the plastic.

How do you Plan your days?

Usually, people have their favorite days in a week, such as "I like Wednesday because I meet someone I like" or "I like Sunday because it's time to share my experience with God" or ... (I believe each of you have something like those). If you like Sunday and Wednesday, what happens with Monday and Tuesday (days between Monday and Wednesday)? For me, I'd like to think "Just go with it" or if I translate it, it means "I'll do my routines"

Usually, I have my days repeated over and over again, for example of those are Monday and Tuesday. It seems that my Monday and Tuesday every week is the same days. Actually, everyday is a new day, everyday is a different day, everyday is a unique day. So, those days are repeated over and over again because of something called routines. Today, people like to robotize themselves. They create procedures for everything and they act based on those procedures. I give you some examples:
1. Many people plan their day. They save their plan in PDA, cell Phone, computer, agenda, calendar, etc. They do their activities in order exactly like what is written on their planner and they do the same activities every week. Are they robotize themselves? I think so.
2. In manufacturing industry, operators do their job repeatedly with their left and right hand movements are set (motion study). They work as what is written on their SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). Do they robotize themselves? I don't think so, I think they are robotized.
If you want to know why is it happens, it's because of money. You want more money, you have to be more efficient.

"Are you A ROBOT?"
I believe that human is not robot, not even close to robot. Human is different from robot because robot is only an image of human. So, why do you want to have your day filled with only routines or nothing-unique-planned? Every day is a not-the-same day, it is NEW! Remember, once you have filled your day, you couldn't go back and change it. Why don't you plan your day differently everyday, every week, every month, and so on, so you have a different memories. If you have more memories in your life, you have a more colorful life.

Top10 Video games for Summer 2010

This year game producers launched a lot of exciting games as usual. I will make a list of top 10 video games in 2010 summer.

Top1 Crackdown2

Players can act as a policeman with supernatural power and they fight with all the crimes in big cities. This type of game can allow four people to play at the same time.

Top2 Comprehensive wanted

Comprehensive wanted is launched by a well-known video games company called Realtime World Games. It is a massive online shooting, and it will make players exciting when playing it.

Top3 Lego Harry Potter

Lego Harry Potter tells a famous story of Harry Potter from the perspective of child.
Players can learn magic in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and can also enjoy the Lego humor in the unique style.

Top4 Singularity

There are scenes of mysterious island, supernatural radiation, time travel, emergency landing, and the scenes are very magnificent. Singularity is launched by a Russian Raven company, and the set of the game is in the middle of 20th century.

Top5 Dragon Quest 9: Star of the Guardian

Dragon Quest 9: Star of the Guardian uses the command-style combat system, and it can also correspond to Wi-Fi. Four people can play this wireless online gaming .

Top6 American University: football 11

This latest game has improved a lot with more realistic action engine and
dual joystick motor control.

Top7 StarCraft 2: Wings of Freedom

This is another PC exclusive game, and this is popular with many players. It is about military subject. StarCraft II is designed to the multiplayer game, and thus many more people can play it at the same time.

Top8 Mafia II

The set of this serious subject game is In San Francisco and New York. Though it is a bit violent and bloody in this game, players can learn the history of Mafia, such as when it started and what this organization had done.

Top9 Dead Rising 2

The story of Dead Rising 2 will happen in the wealth of the city after 5 years, and it is a city like Las Vegas where there are all kinds of zombies. The game is added more weapons to create different ways to combat zombies.

Top10 Metroid Prime: Another M

Outer space, asteroid, big bang, and the heavily armored heroine are the key string in this type of game. Metroid Prime: Another M will make use of the advanced technology of 2D and 3D.